PATENT OF HEART | Our New Collection: Life Impassioned
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Our New Collection: Life Impassioned

An Exquisite Collection of Hand-Crafted Bags for Modern Women with a Sense of Style and Purpose.

I am so excited and thrilled to present to you my new handbag collection: Life Impassioned.

This collection has come to fruition after days and nights of hard work alongside long walks contemplating on how I could differentiate a product line
marrying art and fashion together in such a way that sets itself apart from many other handbag brands in the market. My burning quest was to bring to life an original, artistic and artisanal collection that has an intrinsic value in itself, projecting quality, beauty, art, elegance and most importantly, artisanship. Therefore, aside from using materials of the highest quality throughout the production, what lies in the heart of this new line is its “chain-stitched hand-embroidery” technique which is mostly performed by artisan women in India.

Every single bag in this collection was hand-made by these wonderful and talented women artisans in India meticulously applying this technique on our bags.

For me, this line is also a prime example of a fantastic collaborative work from my own drawings to its stitch technique and hand-made crystal charms as a final touch. My beloved friend Claudia from Desideri was such an invaluable asset on our production team in the process of bringing to the table her taste, elegance, and artisanship.

Our philosophy is always to keep our positive attitude, vibe, energy and hope alive and be supportive of each other in every way we can, starting from our own immediate surroundings. And connect with our inner peace and happiness and bravely share and communicate our ideas, emotions, feelings, passion

and wisdom with one another.
This is exactly why we got inspired and have given such names to our products to demonstrate how different, yet how colorful and beautiful we can be at the same time, just like flowers… BLOOMY, BONNY, FIERY, GLOWY, HEARTY, JOLLY, LIVELY, PLENTY, RED-HOT, and VIVID.

So here we are showcasing our colorful new collection and it’s up to you which one reflects your inner and outer beauty the most.