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I personally believe the power of giving back to society as a way to create balance, harmony and peace in the world. Having a mission with a strong social component truly motivates us and adds greater meaning to what we do.

I am always inspired by strong, self-confident and independent women in society, just like my late grandmother. She raised and taught me that education is the key to self-awareness and confidence. I believe that providing proper education is the ultimate gift to girls around the world that results in a better, brighter and more peaceful future.

More than half of the 67 million children not in school today are girls. The positive impact of girl’s education has been shown to transcend generations delivering better health outcomes among women, their children, and eventually their grandchildren.

Image by Nikhita S

More than half of the 67 million children not in school today are 


With this in mind, on behalf of the whole team behind “Patent of Heart”, we sincerely open and extend our hearts to the young girls in less-privileged areas around the world to support their education through a corporate social responsibility program.

We pledge to donate a portion of our profit every season to foundations around the world providing education to girls. We will target organizations that create awareness of this important cause, and that can help change the destiny of generations. 

"Patent of Heart” assures you that every bag purchased is not only made with high-quality craftsmanship, with a strong sense of functionality and style, but is also made responsibly and helps contribute to a worthy cause.

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