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Step into the charmful world of our Bonus Fortuna collection.


Bonus Fortuna means “ Good Fortune “  in Latin… The charmful world of Bonus Fortuna was created with the collaboration of inspiring artisan women of Beirut led by Roula Bahsali.  The collection carries the power of protection and manifestation from different symbols that was hand-beaded with an ancestral beading technique called “tambour beading”. 

Hand of Fatima Leather Hand Beaded Clutch Wallet

Believed to have originated in India in the 17th century, the extremely versatile “tambour beading” technique allows masters to transfer their good-omens and intentions on the products as they work with meticulously hand-picked beads, rhinestones, and crystals specifically for every ornament they sew with top-notch handicraft.


Each of the eye-catching talismans is slow-seamed by hand. The process begins with keeping a particular intention in mind. The meditative and repetitive slow seaming course follows, which is believed to bring the miracle intended into its owner’s life instantaneously. 

As a brand that always stands by artisanal labor, our highest priority has always been battling to safeguard fashion artisans. Communal sewing’s help to rally activists, preserve traditions and comfort the wounded throughout history, also came into effect in our Bonus Fortuna collection. 


During the creation process, we’ve grown close friends with Roula Bahsali, the head of the artisan team where our conversations revolved around the dire situation in Beirut and the future of young girls in the city. 

The Eye Leather Hand Beaded Clutch Wallet

As Patent of Heart, we want to support them, be their voice, and make sure their art garners attention from audiences that recognize the value of their niche efforts. Backing this collection not only contributes to the new era of slow, long-established fashion but also directly aids this accomplished group of artisan women who encounter implausible challenges constantly.

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