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Patent of Heart. A brand with real heart!

We have a vision of creating a global design house that inspires intentional buying through pieces that are crafted with integrity, beauty and passion. Fashioned by skilled artisans with the highest quality materials, Patent of Heart ventures to transform an idea into a reality.

Patent of Heart as a brand is passionate about pledging to donate a portion of our profits every season to foundations providing education to girls. We believe in the role of corporate social responsibility and by employing female artisans and contributing to providing education to girls around the world; we seek to open and expand hearts, minds and our future as a collective.

We leave you with the promise to continue to do better than the day before because it is all part of the adventure. All who are apart of creating Patent of Heart thank you from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to grow by your side as we endeavor to keep your needs and desires at the forefront of our brand.



Elif Akaydin, an Istanbul native, has entered the fashion world as a belt designer for Calvin Klein and St. John brands.

Elif has explored every layers of the fashion world over the years and her experience has flourished in a multi-faceted nature. Becoming a buyer for a fashion boutique named “Institute” in Soho, New York for several years has expanded her vision to later become the assistant designer for Judy Ross Textiles. Her journey got more interesting when she worked with Delfino Boutiques, a chain in New
York specialized in women handbags, that’s where she started to explore the world Fashion Accessories. Elif’s career in the fashion world have given her an opportunity to take a leading part in custom buying team at Domenico Vacca. Moreover, Elif has enjoyed collaborating with the wardrobe departments of some big Hollywood Productions.


In 2005, Elif has decided to pursue her utmost passion for accessories and handbags under her own brand and created a handbag line under the name “elif NY”. After having gained experience in Fashion Accessories industry, Elif has come to launch her hand-crafted and exquisite Fashion Accessories brand “Patent of Heart” in 2014.


Patent of Heart has evolved over the years into a brand that has recognized the importance of creating a product that is not only stylish and well-made but sustainable. One of our sustainability goals has been to intentionally developed a supply chain that utilizes the upcycling process which makes use of discarded quality leather scraps from tanneries. These leather scraps would otherwise end up in landfills polluting the environment. We are also minimizing our carbon footprint by manufacturing in close proximity to our material suppliers and focusing only on small batch production to avoid overproduction.

Our products are made with the concept of “slow fashion “meaning when you purchase them it’s to have as part of your collection for years to come to be loved and inherited. In order to obtain longevity; we encourage our customers to repair rather than replace. With this in mind; Patent of Heart will repair your product for the first two years of ownership.

Colorful Leather


Craftsmanship has always been a significant part of our story; our suppliers and artisans are like family to us.  We work with small family-owned businesses that support heritage production techniques that have largely been left behind by modern mass production; we frequently visit them as we co-create products to ensure the highest quality and so that our relationship continues to mean more than just business. We particularly encourage and seek out woman artisans. Women artisans hold the key to craft arts handed down for generations. By utilizing woman artisans, we give them the opportunity to drive their own economic futures which always positively affects their families and local communities.

“Patent of Heart” bags go through a precise design process with an eye towards the smallest of detail. Inspired by diligent research and genuine insights from our customers, we begin to draw our sketches by giving priority to the “functionality” aspects in the early stages. Then comes the examination of the material, color, shape and trends that we think will mark the upcoming seasons, while also ensuring that our bags will stand the test of time.


As the next step, we bring to the table our team of specialized artisans who will transform our hand-painted artwork and sketches into the sample-making process.

We are driven by the idea that the future of fashion will be re-designed by sustainability with an emphasis on authenticity and artisanship.


We strive to put our whole heart in every step of this journey, meticulously hand-crafting each bag to make sure the end product is always distinctive, unique and lives up to our standards.

We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them.

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