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femina manu

Women who own the power of creation and innovation, came together to change the world.


Our Femina Manu collection, which we have collaborated on with THIS IS MANA, brings women from different paths of life together to serve a single purpose: women’s empowerment. 


Femina Manu meaning “Woman’s Hand” in Latin, is a collection of timeless, slow-manufactured, nature-friendly, up-cycled, and fair trade products that are made by women to support disadvantaged women.


Our Femina Manu Collection is a manifesto born from the sisterhood and the principles of POH and MANA. 


A manifesto that sheds light on femininity, support, gender equality, and the future. 


Macramé technique, dating back to the 13th century Arabic weavers, using decorative knots to finish the loose ends of hand-woven textiles, is used to create the bags from scratch with yarn. This meticulous rather meditative practice constantly encounters implausible challenges and a common pastime for Sailors creates wonders in artistic female artisans’ hands.

Each product of our Femina Manu Collection is envisioned and designed by women at every step of the production cycle, hand-knitted one by one by those gifted fingers.  


With the addition of upcycled leather tassels, the respect shown to nature was once again underlined.


Lend a hand in celebrating every beautiful woman to have crossed this earth.


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