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nova vita

Re-process. Re-store. Re-purpose.

Be a part of the change with our upcycled Nova Vita collection, where we create the new (and the better!) with the old.


Breathing a new life into leather scraps,  The Nova Vita collection aims to conceive contemporary products from what’s once been called “obsolete”.


Our story starts by going on a protracted quest for high-quality leather scraps that are to be thrown away in Istanbul. Among tons of leather shreds in different colors and textures, we handpick each one through hours of work to be used exclusively in our Nova Vita collection.


In our workshop located in Old City Istanbul near the ever dashing Hagia Sophia, where the tales of emperors and sultans are still told, where thousands of years of history and heritage meet, the leather pieces once considered expendable, find themselves in the hands of our sophisticated craftsmen to be cherished to be born again.

In a tiny studio that fits only three but a ton of genius, the pieces are given a second chance to come back to life in different forms. 


As POH, we strive to protect the environment, go zero-waste and support the circular economy in every step we take. By decreasing our carbon footprint through slow fashion today, with our Nova Vita collection and many others, we design the world we aspire to leave to future generations.


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