PATENT OF HEART | Craftsmanship
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The process of designing our bags stems from our vision of bringing together functionality and style in such a way that fulfills the lifestyle of today’s modern woman. This woman has a sophisticated taste with a strong sense of self and purpose.
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Patent of Heart” bags go through a rigorous design process with an eye towards the smallest of detail. Inspired by diligent research and genuine insights from our customers, we begin to draw our sketches by giving utmost priority to the “functionality” aspects in the early stages. Then comes the examination of the material, color, shape and trends that we think will mark the upcoming seasons, while also ensuring that our bags will stand the test of time.
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As the next step, we bring to the table our team of specialized handbag manufacturers and artisans in Turkey, a country famous for its leather artisanship, to select the core designs and start the sample making process.
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We are driven by the idea that not every design is a good fit for leather. In addition to the highest quality leather, hand-selected carefully for durability, functionality and beauty, we are always in search for hardware and textures that are the best fit for each design.
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We strive to put our whole heart in every step of this journey, meticulously hand-crafting each bag to make sure the end product is always distinctive, unique and lives up to our standards.
We hope you enjoy wearing them as much as we enjoy making them.
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