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The Female Artisans of Patent of Heart

When Patent of Heart was first created by founder Elif Akaydin, little did she know that her mission for the brand would become such an effective vehicle for providing fair trade employment for women, promoting women’s education, and women’s empowerment.

One of the hidden benefits that have emerged in the production of handcrafted bags, fashion accessories, and leather wallets for Patent of Heart is the privilege of collaborating with female artisans. These women utilize artisanal skills handed down through generations to enhance the beauty and uniqueness of Patent of Heart's handmade leather goods.

Today, many artisanal skills worldwide are becoming lost in arts, as they are often practiced in small villages and towns far from urban centers. Young people from these areas frequently move to cities, believing they offer better employment opportunities. Consequently, those who would have learned these artisanal skills from their elders are no longer present, and the skills are not passed down to the next generation. This results in the loss of important cultural traditions, and these villages and towns may eventually become ghost towns. Brands like Patent of Heart, which support women creating artisan-made accessories, help to revitalize their economies and cultures. They also promote women's rights, entrepreneurship, independence, and economic empowerment.

Patent of Heart has collaborated with three different groups of female artisans, resulting in three unique collections of eco-friendly, handmade leather goods.

The first collection, named "Bona Amore," which translates to "Good things to love" in Latin, consists of leather clutch and crossbody bags adorned with hand-embroidered artwork by Elif Akaydin. This intricate hand embroidery is skillfully crafted by women artisans from Kashmir, India, using a centuries-old "chain stitch" technique and naturally dyed silk yarn.

Female artisans of Kashmir stitching the Bona Amore Handbag Collection.

Bona Amore " Spirit " Clutch/Cross-Body Bag $165

Bona Amore " Jazzy " Clutch/Cross-body Bag $165

The second collection of Patent of Heart that is female artisanal led is “Bonus Fortuna” which means good fortune in Latin. The charmful world of Bonus Fortuna was created with the collaboration of inspiring artisan women of Beirut. The collection carries the power of protection and manifestation from different symbols that were hand-beaded with an ancestral beading technique called “tambour beading”. 

Female artisans beading " The Eye " from Bonus Fortuna Collection.

Believed to have originated in India in the 17th century, the extremely versatile “tambour beading” technique allows masters to transfer their good omens and intentions on the products as they work with meticulously hand-picked beads, rhinestones, and crystals specifically for every ornament they sew with top-notch handicraft.


Each of the eye-catching talismans is slow-seamed by hand. The process begins with keeping a particular intention in mind. The meditative and repetitive slow seaming course follows, which is believed to bring the miracle intended into its owner’s life instantaneously.

As a brand that always stands by artisanal labor, Patent of Heart's highest priority has always been battling to safeguard fashion artisans. Communal sewing helped to rally activists, preserve traditions, and comfort the wounded throughout history. That is the mantra that came into effect in the Bonus Fortuna collection. 


Throughout these collaborations, Elif Akaydin, founder and designer of Patent of Heart, has forged close friendships with the artisans. Their conversations often delve into the current situation in their respective countries, the future of their families, and the daily challenges they confront.

Bonus Fortuna " Coffee" Leather Clutch / Cross-body Bag $230

"We, at Patent of Heart, aim to support these artisans, amplify their voices, and ensure that their artistic efforts receive recognition from audiences who appreciate the significance of their unique contributions and ensure they are not overlooked by the world," she clarifies.

The third female artisan-driven collection of Patent of Heart is “Femina Manu” meaning “Woman’s Hand” in Latin, which is a collection of timeless fair trade products that are hand-woven by women artisans of Turkiye.

The collection employs the Macramé technique, which is a textile crafting technique that utilizes decorative knots to craft diverse patterns and designs. Its origins trace back to the 13th century with Arabic weavers and gained popularity throughout the Mediterranean during the Moorish conquests. Typically, Macramé involves intricately knotting cords or threads together to produce textiles like wall hangings, plant hangers, and bags.

Female artisans cutting the interior fabric for the Femina Manu handbags.

Here is a video of the crocheting process for the Femina Manu "Zoe Bag " in Rose Color

Femina Manu hand-woven "Zelda Bag " in Mustard $139

Femina Manu hand-woven artisanal " Solana Bag" $110

What I love about the brand Patent of Heart is that it genuinely comes from the heart. The impact of their work creates a ripple effect worldwide, benefiting the environment, women, girls, and their communities. In return, you receive a beautiful, eco-friendly, ethical fashion product made from sustainably and ethically sourced leather. You can be proud of the positive social impact and footprint it leaves behind. Purchasing handmade leather goods from Patent of Heart is akin to philanthropy. A percentage of each sale is donated to organizations that provide scholarships to young women, offering accessible education to girls. This fosters economic empowerment, enabling women to care for their families, communities, and most importantly, themselves.

By Natalie Rivera


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