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Step into the charmful world of our Bonus Fortuna collection.


Bonus Fortuna means “ Good Fortune “  in Latin… The charmful world of Bonus Fortuna was created with the collaboration of  inspiring artisan women of Beirut led by Roula Bahsali.  The collection carries the power of protection and manifestation from different symbols that was  hand-beaded  with an ancestral beading technique called “tambour beading”. 

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My Little Joys

“My Little Joys” is our Little Leather Goods collection and was inspired by principles of Feng Shui; a Chinese art and science to create good health, flow and abundance.

I was amazed by the personal experience of minimizing the chaos of my outside world has als changed my inner world! It is so powerful that when we declutter our surroundings our energy increases, and we feel more empowered to achieve our goals, with this in mind, we believe our colorful little organizers will open a space in your bags,

in your lives and will give you joy!

Our motto is; when in doubt, declutter!

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