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Elif Akaydin, an Istanbul native, has entered the fashion world as a belt designer for Calvin Klein and St. John brands.

Elif has explored every layers of the fashion world over the years and her experience has flourished in a multi-faceted nature. Becoming a leading buyer for a fashion boutique named “Institute” in Soho, New York for several years has expanded her vision to later become the assistant designer for Judy Ross Textiles. Her talent and skills have got the attention of Delfino Boutiques, a chain in New York specialized in women handbags, and she has collaborated with them as a buyer and designer. Elif’s strong ties in the fashion world have given her an opportunity to take a leading part in custom buying team at Domenico Vacca. Moreover, Elif has enjoyed collaborating with the wardrobe departments  of some big Hollywood Productions and has become part of a team dressing such stars as Forest Whitaker, Dustin Hoffman, Christopher Plummer,  Denzel Washington, Will Ferrell and  Queen Latifah.

In 2005, Elif has decided to pursue her utmost passion for accessories and handbags under her own brand and created a handbag line under the name “elif NY”. After having gained tremendous experience and expertise in handbag and leather goods industry for 9 years, Elif has come to launch her hand-crafted and exquisite handbag brand “Patent of Heart” in 2014.

The classy yet edgy style of “Patent of Heart “handbags attract women of all ages who are confident in their own style, strive to make a statement and command a distinctive and strong personality. Each handbag design in the collection is an answer for women seeking a style that is functional as well as unique, fresh, creative and suitable for corporate and casual wear. “Patent of Heart” handbags are available in colors that are aligned with current season’s trends.